About Ceridian Cares

Who We Are

Corporate Social Responsibility

Ceridian has always believed in the importance of "giving where we're living". Through corporate pledges, support of employee-initiated fundraising, and encouragement of staff volunteerism, Ceridian has been proud to contribute to the communities where we live and work.

We recognize the value of social responsibility and we strive to make a concrete difference in communities everywhere.

Ceridian Cares

In 2013 we established our very own charity, Ceridian Cares.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of Ceridian Cares is to be an employee-driven charity that makes a difference by supporting people and improving the communities in which we live and work.

Ceridian Cares goals:

  • Provide financial assistance to families that require support
  • Improve the communities in which we live and work

Areas of Focus

Ceridian Cares believes that people across the country should have access to the basics like food, clothing and shelter. We also believe that quality of life matters, which includes physical and emotional well-being.

Examples of What Ceridian Cares Supports:

Ceridian Cares provides grants for food, clothing, footwear, and household items. We provide assistance for medical devices, home adjustments for barrier free living, and recreation programs for individuals and families in need.

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